Soapy the Chicken is Getting Really Corny

While many of you may have noticed that this comic strip has no fear of corny (or even outright bad) jokes, my friend David Steinlicht is going to great lengths to create the corniest Soapy ever. In addition to being an excellent cartoonist, David is also an enthusiast of “crop art.” What is crop art, you may wonder… why it is elaborate art made from seeds! For a more involved description of crop art, see the rules of crop art here.

Here is David’s amazing gallery of crop art, featuring many of the stars of Hong Kong cinema (another of David’s passions… he once went to Hong Kong to meet Jackie Chan… his crop art rendition of Mr. Chan won third place in the amateur category in 1997. I think David has gone professional now).

David is honoring us by choosing to make his next crop art project Soapy the Chicken! And he is blogging about it while he builds it! Hopefully we’ll all be able to check out the finished Soapy at the Minnesota State Fair this year.

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