#126: End of the Toad

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If you like this stuff and want to read the previous strips without going back post by post through the blog, they are easily browsed in THE ARCHIVE here.

In the long time I didn’t update this strip, Soapy made at least one appearance elsewhere… it is likely I may be forgetting others (if you know of any others, please remind me so I can post them here).

Here she is making a guest appearance in my extremely prolific friend Lance Ward’s fantastic Tater Tot Diaper Man strip… click the below image to go and see the full strip.

Lance is among the least predictable cartoonists I am aware of. His strip veers from autobiography to goofy humor to horror to underground smut to whatever tickles or irritates his fancy on a particular day. He draws all of these strips tiny and straight up in ink with no pencils, if you can believe that. I’m working on a guest strip for him that I am required to work in the same format, small and straight in ink… and it is a very fun experiment. I’ll let you know when it is posted.

Lance’s autobiographical stuff I think is particularly outstanding. Lance has had a difficult life including a near-death heart attack, mental illness, and relationship issues (delivered “live” in the strip), so his auto-bio stuff is not just a bunch of navel gazing, to say the least. He’s collecting the entire strip in a book soon, which should be quite a document… don’t miss it.