#82: Ramblin’ Al Makes an Observation


So far David Steinlicht is the only one who has sent in a screen capture with a 12 point game! Sure, you may be able to beat 12 points at Soapy Pong… but can you send in a screen capture of it? Better send it quick if you wanna win!

Thanks much to David Steinlicht for also designing the new Soapy Desktop! Put it on your desktop and show the world you read Soapy and you’re not afraid to admit it, and you’re proud, and you may even vote (While you’re at it, you may want the screensaver too.).

Speaking of voting, did you know that you can vote for Soapy the Chicken every single day? He is the lesser of two evils, although we haven’t determined what the other evil is yet. We’ve heard there are two of them though, and Soapy may as well be evil, because you can vote for him. Think of something you hate… Soapy is a vote against that! Even if you hate Soapy! Just follow the links below and follow their instructions.

Why not make it part of your morning ritual? What better way to start the day than voting for a simple, currently deceased chicken as you sip your morning coffee, sharpen your pencils, and wonder where you went so goddamn wrong.

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