Nick Raciti Filling In

Nick Raciti just posted this great Soapy strip on the Cartoonist Conspiracy site… thanks Nick!

If there is anyone out there still checking this site, I assure again you the strip has not been abandoned, it is merely on hold while I work on a children’s book… which I made a nice big dent in over the holidays, so hopefully the strip will be back sometime early this year with a little luck.

1 thought on “Nick Raciti Filling In

  1. I’m a sex offender now. I wish I wasn’t. TJ, we used to be friends. If you ever get nostalgic and check this site, email me please.I really miss you. I had no friends when I moved to that state, except you and Jon. When I had to move again, I distanced myself as much as possible from everybody. I already alienated myself without trying. When I got in trouble, there was nobody who would stand up and say “Hold on; It’s Nick”. Instead, my peers just saw it from their perspective as the creepy goth kid who scared people getting kicked out of school for being creepy. I tried making friends here and there, but I never expected anybody actually wanted to talk to me (which they probably didn’t- considering my affect). When the news showed up and started sensationalizing what happened, people who I’ve never talked to were making up scary stories about the creepy quiet kid. Nobody knew me, but apparently everybody “knew” me. I let my public defender talk me into a plea deal while I was 17 just so I could get out of jail, which I had been waiting pre trial at for 10 months. I was 17. Barely a sophomore in high shool. They locked me with actual rapists and pedophiles for 10 months in county jail. Prison sounded like it makes County feel like heaven. Now I’m afraid to go to my children’s school events and I can’t find a place to live and my wife and 3 children have to suffer too. Nobody told me when I was 16 that fucking another lonely freak in the school bathroom would make it so my future baby daughter faces homelessness and no good job will hire me. If somebody had told me, I would have thought they were exaggerating. I wish I could have had counselling and learned to properly socialize before school was over. Being expelled and afraid to leave your house between the ages of 18 and 27 turned me into a retard. I feel like I have PTSD, but nobody sympathize because everybody I encounter thinks I deserve worse, so I feel the same way now.

    Anyway, I cant believe it’s been 12 years since I doodled this in french class. Miss you, friends. Miss you, life before all that.

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