I made the below cover and a strip inside my friend Dan Olson’s latest SUPER-FANTASTICA anthology… more information here. I also had a 4-page piece in the first issue. The strip I have in the current issue is the same one I had in this year’s City Pages Comix Issue which I mentioned previously. Other contributors include Amado Rodriguez, Ben Z, Bob Lipski, Brian Bastian, Bud Burgy, Daniel J. Olson, Danno Klonowski, Ray N., Ryan Dow and Vanesa Littlecrow. You can buy all issues of Super Fantastica here!


  1. Steve, I can’t thank you enough for putting together this cover, and subsequently forcing my hand at including an illustration on the cover. It looks great and I don’t think nearly as many of these would have sold without this on the front of the book.

    Again, thanks!

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