7 thoughts on “#125: Tech Toad Accepts the Mandate of the People

  1. Will I appear as a character/background gag like I do in “INTROSPECTIVE COMICS” and continue my journey towards becoming one with the Webcomic Matrix?

  2. Is Soapy a technological or biological virus? If the latter, is there an immunization, inoculation, or vaccination?

  3. Thanks much for the comments! There should be some more soon, Lance. T

    here are no plans to include you in any comics at this time, Danno, but I imagine your old facial hair is likely to show up sooner or later.

    Soapy is an avian fool virus. There is no cure for her, and I’m sorry to report that you’ve already been exposed, b.

  4. Technical question #1: Can I “friend” or “like” Soapy The Chicken or Tech Toad on Facebook?

    Technical question #2: Does Tech Toad recommend Linux over Windows 7 or MacOS? For my Mother-In-Law’s computer?

    Technical question #3: Is that you over at techtoad.com?

  5. Hurm. David, congratulations on finding me. With three questions out of the gate, obviously you will find my free technical expertise invaluable.

    Technical Question #1: Hurm. You can friend and like me right here, David. I friend and like you too. I thank you sincerely for your friendship, and I look forward to sharing power tools, drinking beverages together, and doing other things that friends apparently do. I have recently become aware of a modern phenomenon known as “social networking,” and intend to do a full expose on it in the near future for your illumination and edification, and perhaps for the enriching of our newly found bond.

    Technical Question #2: I can’t recommend Linux, what with its dependence on its security blanket… not to mention its overbearing sister. Hurm. Windows 7 hardly seems an improvement over Windows 6, even after applying a lot of Windex and elbow grease. MacOS, while delicious, pales in comparison to the Big Mac. The most reliable operating system I’ve found is a small, portable hammer.

    Technical Question #3: No… hurm. They are cybersquatting on what should be my rightfully owned domain name. I feel like the Dalai Lama. Until such a time as China returns my country to me, you shall find me here at soapythechicken.com.

  6. Thank you, Tech Toad, for your invaluable, free, informative — and friendly — technical answers. I hope that my future technical questions will also be able to be answered by you. Oh, and a hearty “Hurm” to you as well, my friend!

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