#40: A Comic Strip Can Never Have Too Many Stupid Animals

Soapy didn’t appear in today’s comic, as he was off moonlighting in some other comic strips… seems like a conflict of interests to us, but whadda ya do? Where are we going to get another simple, long-necked chicken? That isn’t to say other simple, long-necked chickens shouldn’t send us their resumes.

First he was off into the pen of Dank (aka Danno) of Staplegenius fame… the results of that are printed below. Ramblin’ Al and Bubonic were stepping out on us too for that one…

Then Soapy made a guest appearance in the Bean Men… thank heavens for duct tape!

Yes, unfortunately Soapy can’t make ends meet simply starring in his own strip… the sad fact of the matter is he will appear in absolutely any comic strip, no matter how lame-brained or ineptly drawn… and he doesn’t even get paid for it. He has no scruples at all.

Cartoonists, check out out Soapy’s Cartoonist Outreach Program if you would like Soapy to appear in your strip.

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