#129: An Apparition? And… Updates Every Monday!

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This site will have a new strip every Monday for the foreseeable future until it doesn’t. I’ve got the next month in the can, and a number of others in various stages of completion. I hope you’ll stick with me. You can subscribe here, if you’re inclined.

If you like this stuff and want to read the previous strips without going back post by post through the blog, they are easily browsed in THE ARCHIVE here.

You can buy the Soapy the Chicken book here.

You may also want to check out the latest strip from my weekly (updated every Friday) collaboration with Ben Zmith, Monkey’s Paw.

4 thoughts on “#129: An Apparition? And… Updates Every Monday!

  1. Lovely piece, Steve! I’m glad you posted about your new work at the Conspiracy Blog so was reminded to come over, have a look, and RSS these babies.

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