#93: King Kenny’s Inspiration

Well… it’s been a while. Hope there are still some readers out there. Helllooooo! Anybody there?

I could make excuses (like I got busy at work, went on a trip and got sick for a week)… but I won’t. You see, the delay is not my fault! It’s Soapy’s!

That damn chicken has been so busy appearing other places, she doesn’t have time for her own strip!

Why, just take a look at her moonlighting over in the Joshua Tree!

3rd Place Soapy Pong Champion of the World David Steinlicht sent me a tryptich of Soapy postcards…

She made her triple-x debut in Shad Petosky’s Lutefisk Sushi: Crisis of the Infantile Arts comic for the Lutefisk Sushi show (we’ll spare your soul and only show you one panel from this one)…

And then Uptown Girl creator Bob Lipski gave me this swell drawing of Uptown Girl and Soapy…

All will be added to the Soapy sightings gallery when I get back in the groove…

Soapy Shows up in St. Paul The Pioneer Press

There’s a great comic strip by David Steinlicht and Julio Ojeda-Zapata in the St. Paul Pioneer Press today about Free Comic Book Dayyou can see the whole thing here. Best of all, it shows a bunch of characters from local cartoonists, and makes a nice mention of the Cartoonist Conspiracy in the panel shown below.

Pictured in the panel, clockwise from left, would be the little girl in Zander Cannon’s “He Becomes Who Kills Him: A Horror Story” mini-comic from the Lutefisk Sushi Volume B box, one of Sean Tenhoff’s Bean Men, Bob Lipski’s Uptown Girl, Soapy, and one of Ken Avidor’s demons.

The strip also mentions Twin Cities locals Sam Hiti, Ryan Kelly, Dan Jurgens, Patrick Gleason and, of course, Charles Schulz.

Thanks much to Conspirator Steinlicht and Mr. Ojeda-Zapata for the plug!

#88: The Afterlife Placement Agency

Check out Soapy’s guest appearance in Max Konardy’s funny weekly strip “My Three Bosses”… the strip chronicles Max’s ongoing weekly attempts at getting fired from his job at Big Time Attic by ruthlessly caricaturing his bosses. What a job! Thanks Max!

Speaking of Max’s bosses, one of them, Shad Petosky, just featured Soapy extensively in his Lutefisk Sushi comic… I’ll have to scan some of that. To see it, you’ll have to get a copy of the Lutefisk Sushi Volume B box set (which are still available for $25 and also includes the Soapy mini-comic and 48 other mini-comics by a total of 50 Minnesota comic artists). In Shad’s comic, he hilariously skewers many of the other comics in the box… a distinct advantage of doing a comic at the last minute before a deadline! In it he caricatures me ruthlessly as well… I’m just thankful that I don’t have Konardy drawing me every week!

#43: Well, It Wasn’t Funny When You Heard It In Preschool Either

My friend David Steinlicht who does the excellent “In This Corner” every week in the St. Paul Pioneer Press (which is also updated online weekly) and also publishes other clever, insightful and often hilarious comics at allsmall.net, is the latest participant in the Soapy’s Cartoonist Outreach Program… you can see his Soapy cartoon by clicking on the image below…

#40: A Comic Strip Can Never Have Too Many Stupid Animals

Soapy didn’t appear in today’s comic, as he was off moonlighting in some other comic strips… seems like a conflict of interests to us, but whadda ya do? Where are we going to get another simple, long-necked chicken? That isn’t to say other simple, long-necked chickens shouldn’t send us their resumes.

First he was off into the pen of Dank (aka Danno) of Staplegenius fame… the results of that are printed below. Ramblin’ Al and Bubonic were stepping out on us too for that one…

Then Soapy made a guest appearance in the Bean Men… thank heavens for duct tape!

Yes, unfortunately Soapy can’t make ends meet simply starring in his own strip… the sad fact of the matter is he will appear in absolutely any comic strip, no matter how lame-brained or ineptly drawn… and he doesn’t even get paid for it. He has no scruples at all.

Cartoonists, check out out Soapy’s Cartoonist Outreach Program if you would like Soapy to appear in your strip.

Soapy’s Cartoonist Outreach Program

Cartoonists! Have you always wanted to have some big name character make a guest appearance in your comic strip for an exciting crossover? Well, we can’t really help you with that. However, Soapy the Chicken is always available to appear in whatever comic strip, book, cartoon or animated film will have him. That’s right, Soapy has no integrity at all… he will appear absolutely anywhere regardless of quality, wit or novelty of the comic… just think of him as the Michael Caine of comics.

How do you go about getting permission to put Soapy in your comic, you may wonder. You don’t! Actually, upon consideration, Soapy will lodge himself in your pen nib until you can’t help but mar an otherwise fine comic strip with his visage. Best just get it over with and be done with it.

However, even though you do not need to ask permission to put Soapy in your strip, we would love to see it when he does go out cheating on us… please send us links or images of wherever he appears. If you do, we’ll link to where you post the cartoon, promote it in our daily post, and archive it here for posterity.


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